Send me roses I'll just let them die


i want to write a story but you wouldn't like the ending

laura florida 23

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you don’t get to break somebody’s heart and still say you care about them

you and the girl in your last IG photo would be cute together


That picture is literally the funniest picture of my life! Every time I look at it, I laugh. But no, that’s my friend and she is straight and I have no interest in her that way. 


kinda want you here to grab my ass and call me baby girl and give me hickeys everywhere till i fall asleep

*fills mason jar with vodka* i’m doing a cleanse

did you say you made a new blog how can we follow it


I’m actually going to keep that blog private for a little while because it’s incredibly personal and I just needed somewhere to vent. 

what did you look like with boobs?


just go back like 10 pages in there. 

best way to go about getting to know you?


Just come off anon I guess. 

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