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You're nothing but a cold heart covered in gold

I enjoy loving the things that make me happy.


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This is the most hilarious tan line hahahah but I think it might be a little too bad is this what sun poisoning looks like it’s only a few hours old ? Uhhhhhh???

The booty hurts :(

The gays are on sale

I don't know if you're open to things like this but I need to get it off my chest ok so I've been in love with the same girl since 2004 and we dated once after a lot of years of disconnect and different schools but I'm still in love with her and I just want to be with her but distance killed us the first time and I hate myself for letting her leave without fighting for her over something as simple as distance and now we just talk periodically and it's only a couple texts if I'm luck and I'm sad


Maybe you’re still holding onto something with her. If I was in your situation, I think I would feel the need to say everything to her. Tell her I regret not fighting for her and that I miss her so much. If you get everything off your chest it might open another window of opportunity with each other. Or maybe it could just be a little bit of closure. I don’t think you should leave things left unsaid. I personally find it hard to move on in that case. 

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