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So much of me wants to run away. Everything I do breaks my heart cause I’m not doing it with you. I can’t stop the tears. I can’t stop the hurt. So many people keep telling me it’s going to get easier or better but honestly I would give anything to just not feel this pain for 5 seconds. Nothing feels okay and I’m sorry if my heart is so big that it’s hard to walk away. It’s hard to care about anything after losing the thing you cared about the most. I’m so sad and I just want to run into the comfort of your arms or tell you how I want to make this work. I want my best friend back so she can tell me how beautiful I am even when I cry and make me feel worthwhile. I don’t exactly know how to bring myself the kind of joy and happiness you brought me. But I guess I have to figure it out. A lot of me believes I’ll never be that happy again but that’s probably just the hole in my heart talking. I was never good at dealing with emotions and the overwhelming sadness just makes me feel so god damn insane. I want to be okay without you. I need to be okay without you. That’s the way it should of been to begin with. I miss you so much already though, I’m sorry, I’m sorry it hurts so bad. I’m sorry for myself and times where I held off showing you how much you really mean to me. I still hope we end up together and I’ve learned I need to let that go.

time to delete everything 


it means no memories, for the rest of the night 

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